Meet the bike!

bikepostone01 Here’s the bike.  I’m not sure what the brand is.  I can tell it’s pretty old.


Based on my buddy’s comments it’s the ‘World Championship’ edition of something or other.  My guess is Colnago.  At one point in time it was white then the owner decided to paint it John Deere yellow – he worked at the plant.  The quality of the paint is really good, it was acid dipped to strip the old paint off and spray painted and baked at the plant.   In hindsight it would be worth more if it was original, but at the time this was just a bike.

Some things on first look.

First thing I noticed was that it’s a brazed frame not lugged.

bikepostone03 bikepostone04

The components are old and aren’t anything special.  The MAFIC brakes have a good reputation at the Sheldon Brown website so I’ll likely kep those assuming they work.  I will be replacing the brake shoes.



The crank is old style cottered.  This will work but I may need to update this as I don’t want a front derailleur.  I’m likely going to set this bike up with a single speed gear or a three speed hub.  Maybe one of those two speed SRAM hubs if they aren’t too pricey.



The gear shifters are clamp -on style which is great.  I’m putting on a flat bar so I will be relocating the shifters there.


Oh look – 27 inch wheels.  That’s a bummer as the selection of tires in the 700c size is so much better.


Lots of room for fenders and bigger tires at both the front and rear.


bikepostone10 bikepostone11


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